PUMA | Do You Campaign

Had the pleasure of working with model, TV presenter and fashion blogger Nikki Phillips and actress Jodi Gordon for the new PUMA Oceana Do You campaign. 


PUMA | Play Loud Campaign

It was a delight to work on Puma's new Play Loud campaign with some of Australia's best football icons; Jamie Maclaren (Soccer), Dustin Martin (AFL), Jarrad McVeigh (AFL), and Michael Morgan (Rugby League). 

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.35.33 pm.jpg

SBS | Em Rusciano | Mardi Gras

What a blast it was working with Em on the stills for SBS coverage of Sydney's Mardi Gras.

Em is a comedian, writer, television and radio presenter as well as a for Australian Idol top 12 contestant, and now hosting the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival on SBS. 

'Equality it's in our chemistry' 


First Contact | SBS

I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic crew to photograph a portrait series for SBS First Contact in the centre of the red dessert. 

Looking forward to the first episode airing tonight at 8:30pm with Ray Martin takes 6 well known Australians onto a journey to discover Aboriginal Australia. 

The participants are singer-songwriter Natalie Imbruglia, TV personality Ian 'Dicko' Dickson, comedian Tom Ballard, ex-One Nation politician David Oldfield, former Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris and actress Nicki Wendt. 

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Earlier in the year I worked on a portrait series of different Australians who all shared a common trait - they have all received life-saving blood transfusions.

Twins Rhys and Tay were born 15 weeks early, they needed 10 blood transfusions to survive. 

Leather Ladies

The Melbourne Moto Ladies is a group of female motorcycle riders with 235 members.

It is a community of females that have a common love for motorcycling, dreams of adventure and the desire for the open road. 

I was fortunate to take portraits of the ladies after a fundraising ride for the Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation. 


C'mon Let's Go | Girlschool

Let the slow life pass us by

Another mile another day

Get some action in our lives

We're on our way

Living for today

C'mon let's go

Let Go



Last month I had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Alex in Sydney on the new MiniMnt collection. 

We had so much fun!!!!

Co-Direction: Kim Mennen & Alexendrena Parker

DP: Kim Mennen

Edit: Max Walter 

Colour Grading: Ciara Callogly - Method Studios


Over the Christmas/New Year break I begun a new photo series based on abandoned Eucalyptus leaves called “Fallen”.

The deteriorating leaves are characterised with burnt orange and red hues. All comprising of various shapes and sizes, with individual cracks and layers on the skeleton. 

Dead plants and leaves are normally thought of as unattractive and disposable, we never take time to have a closer look and see the beauty in the details.